But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord,
are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:18 (NASB)

Bullfrogs and Butterflies…

We want transformation. We want to be new and different and better. There is a deep longing inside every person to be re-created and re-born. The problem we face in our society is that we live in the monotonous, dreary, repetitive spaces of each day and each week and each month and each year. Oh sure, we get to look forward to a weekend where we can try to catch up with all of the chores for the week while we watch our favorite shows we recorded on the DVR. We watch excitement on the television but we fail to live it.

We enter into the transform space of the cocoon but we are lulled away by a culture that wants to keep you a caterpillar and it never wants you to soar above as a butterfly. The Four Rivers Counseling has created Transform Spaces. Transform Spaces is a program of intense, raw, good, powerful, life-changing workshops. These workshops are created to facilitate change and transformation. These are not only educational events where information is dispensed but dynamic environments where miracles can be experienced.

Transform Spaces generally are one to three day workshops led by highly competent professionals. The workshops are limited in size due to the intensity of the event. The workshops may be held at onsite or at an offsite retreat or meeting facility. The workshops may offer aftercare sessions to continue the transformational process and enhance the change in lives and relationships.

Currently, The Four Rivers Counseling has the following workshops in its rotation. You can find a listing of our workshops and dates at our events pages.

  1. Mending A Broken Couple
    This 2 day intensive event focuses on helping couples experience a complete overhaul of the relationship so there can be a recovery of trust and attachment. Due to the intensity of this event it is limited to only 6 couples.
  2. S’mores, Stories, and Sticky Spaces
    This 1 day powerful event is focused on working through Generational Trauma Recovery. This is the important work of healing generational family issues. Each participant will be actively involved during this unique and intense event. Due to the intensity of this event it is limited to 20 participants.
  3. The Voyage to Who & Who
    This significant 2 day workshop challenges each participant to construct a new, healthy view of God and the self. In order to successful attach emotionally to others a person will need to have a well-constructed self-esteem. The voyage to encounter who God is and who we are is a life-changing experience. This workshop is limited to 20 individuals.
  4. Beautiful Ashes Rising Towards Joy
    This 2 day intense workshop focuses on the restoring transformation described in Isaiah 61. Restoration is solidifying God’s healing work inside of our being while calling us to greater intensity of relationship and service. The intense workshop experience moves the participant to a space of radical transformation of character. This workshop is limited to 20 individuals.
  5. Alone and Alive
    This 1 day workshop event is a quiet and thunderous experience of God’s presence and His truth. This is a directed time of contemplation and focused prayer while using the Scriptures to lead and asking the Holy Spirit to guide each participant into truth. Being in the place of alone but not alone ignites the soul to greater life and intensity.