“It wasn’t like I didn’t want to stop this!”

Hundreds upon hundreds of times I wanted to just stop acting out. You probably have made those promises to yourself and others too. I couldn’t stop by myself. Recovery and healing isn’t just trying harder or going to a group to read a book with other men who are lost in the addiction too. Recovery and healing is life-changing. Ferocious Intent is all about building a life that is not compatible with porn and sexual addiction. The building work of true recovery and healing involves a change of character and that will require extraordinary intent and a proven process of positive outcomes.

What is Ferocious Intent?

Ferocious Intent is an intense, positive, Christian-based outpatient therapy program designed as a comprehensive approach to healing of sex and porn addiction. This one-of-a-kind program is built on a perceptive theoretical understanding and conceptualization of sex and porn addiction.

What does it look like?

After having a free confidential consultation to learn more about Ferocious Intent, an assessment and interview session is scheduled. If the client meets the qualifications for intense outpatient treatment, then the client will meet with the program director and one of the case managers to review the personalized treatment plan. Ferocious Intent utilizes a number of proven counseling and wellness therapies in completing the treatment goals for each client. Porn and sexual addiction is a complicated and treacherous condition which must be understood in the context of each client.

What does all of this cost?

Ferocious Intent has been designed to be extremely cost effective for our clients. The program runs approximately six months with variations based on the individual treatment plan. The cost for this intense program of three to four hours of treatment per week is $135 each week. The total projected cost is $3,510. We do not accept medical insurance for our services. We do accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards, and many health savings programs.

How do I get started?

Submit your email below to set up a free confidential consultation or call our office at (503) 254-7732.