The Four Rivers Counseling provides a wide-variety of services and treatments for adults, adolescents, and children like many other counseling practices, but we can also offer other some innovative and “forward-looking” approaches in caring for our clients.

For some of our clients they may want to investigate whether they qualify to participate in the services we offer through our treatment programs and other clients are very happy to receive quality care from us in a more familiar approach to counseling services. Either way, The Four Rivers Counseling attempts to bring the highest level of care, compassion, and competency to every client we serve.

From the genesis of The Four Rivers Counseling, there was a passion to be more than a counseling office where various clinicians worked their own private practice and saved overhead costs by grouping together. We wanted to create a dynamic environment where a collaborative effort could greatly enhance the treatment outcomes of our clients.

After many different “sputtering attempts”, we have finally achieved a sustainable and modern model of building a multi-disciplined approach to helping others from a systemic (the whole person) perspective. We believed there were two important factors which are crucial in the design of this model: 1) Affordability of Cost to the consumer and 2) Strong case management in order to assure the most effective care is provided. In the design matrix for the creation of any and all of our treatment programs (e.g. Ferocious Intent), we have been able to achieve the valuable crucial elements in our client care plus we have been able to incorporate an important quality assurance methodology.