Christian counseling

For attachment, trauma, and intimacy disorders.

The Four Rivers is a Christian-based counseling and wellness center. The Four Rivers is a special place. A place of healing and restoration. A place where there is hope. We are known for our great work in areas of porn and sexual addiction, attachment issues, men’s counseling, trauma recovery, and couple’s counseling.

Ferocious Intent is a Christian-based outpatient therapy program designed as a comprehensive approach to healing of sex and porn addiction.

Mindful Intent is an intense, positive, Christian-based outpatient therapy program designed to bring healing in the areas of anxiety, trauma, depression, relationship problems and spiritual issues.

Transform Spaces is a program of intense, raw, good, and powerful, life-changing workshops. These workshops are created to facilitate change and transformation.

The Jesus Man Experience is an intentional development process designed to help boys and men mature into manhood. This process involves a one day gathering and weekly small groups.

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